Louis Toffolon Elementary School
145 Northwest Drive, Plainville, CT

Phone (860) 793-3280

Normal School Day Schedule: 
Grades K-5 - 8:50AM - 3:30PM
PreK - 9:00-11:30 and 12:15-2:45

Early Dismissal Schedule:
8:50AM - 1:30PM

Upcoming Events
Dec 23 - 1:30 Dismissal
Dec 24-Jan 4th:  Winter Break

Check out our Calendar of Events (on the left column) for all dates.
After School Program - Session 2 Dates – Dec 1,4,15,18

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Toffolon students will be following the lead of the middle school in a whole school incentive!  The goal of Read, Right, & Run Jr. is for students to become proficient readers, community-minded, and physically fit.  To do this they will:

READ books 

RIGHT the community with good deeds

and RUN or take part in other forms of exercise

Student will fill out a slip when they finish a book, carry out a good deed, or take part in physical activity that lasts 20 minutes or more.  When the students in the school work together to make a path of slips up and down each hallway in the school, we will have completed the Read, Right, & Run Jr. challenge.  Students will vote on the final prize!

Encourage your child to try out different activities each week to complete the challenge.  They should make it a goal to hand in at least 2 slips a week.  Activities that show an extra effort will be read on the announcements and prizes will be given to those students.  We will keep you posted on our progress!  


Other Dates:

See our Calendar of Events (on left of this page) for all our important dates.




Morning Line Up 

On nice weather days, all Toffolon students now begin their day outside.  

As students arrive either by car, bus or on foot they walk around to the back of the building for a little fresh air.  (Kindergarten students meet in the fenced area in front of the building.)  Students are allowed to play outside in the morning and enter the building at 8:45.  Students who are having breakfast should still go directly to the cafe and then go outside. 

Morning supervision begins at 8:30.  Students should not arrive prior to 8:30.

On inclement weather days, students will enter the building and wait in hallways.

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