Toffolon Student Awarded for Music Essay
Posted on 04/04/2019
toffolon student Brooke KrupaAll Plainville Community Schools' fifth grade classes attended the annual Children's Concert presented by the New Britain Symphony on April 3rd. The concert also includes a poster and essay contest with the theme "What Music Means to Me." Louis Toffolon Elementary School fifth grader Brooke Krupa was one of four fifth graders at the concert to receive an award for her essay. In her essay, Brooke wrote, “You don't have to be a musician, a singer, play an instrument, or write music, for music to be a part of your life. Music plays such an important part in my life...It feels as if in only one moment everything disappears except for the task at hand...I like to listen to all different genres of music. No matter what happens, music will forever be a big part of my life.