A Message from the Principal

Dear Toffolon Families,

Welcome to our Toffolon website. I hope that you find it useful. It should include just about everything you might want to know about our school. 

As always, we are organizing our efforts to continually improve student learning through our School Learning Plan. This year our school-wide goal is a reading goal which is:  Students will become resilient and flexible readers who read for pleasure as well as for academic purposes. We will do this through the effective implementation of Teachers College Reading/Writing Project Reading Units of Study.

Across the district, Grades K-2 decided to focus on improving our students' reading resiliency and flexibility.  That means we'll work on leading students to monitor their own reading to notice when they need to try out one of the many reading strategies that they will learn during the year.  In grades 3-5, students will be paying close attention to increasing their reading stamina so that they are able to build reading muscles to read long and strong.

Of course, we are still focusing on other important aspects of learning.  Students are focusing on improving their skills to write clearly, read with understanding and solve complex math problems in each grade.
In math we will continue to use the enVisions math program to lead our students to master basic concepts and solve problems that include concepts such as patterning, probability, fractions, estimating, geometry, elapsed time, tables, graphs, charts, algebraic equations, logic and classification. We are doing our best to make sure that our students can handle any real life math problems that may come their way!

In writing we are asking our students to organize their thoughts and present their ideas in well-organized essays that include rich vocabulary and strong supporting details. Through the use of the Teachers' College Writing Units of study we have enjoyed great success with our students' improvement in writing.

This year we will continue to use the schedule that we tried out last year.  Our schedule includes two Wellness Blocks in which students get up and moving.  Our goal is to have our children in physical activity for 60 minutes during their school day.

We continue to benefit from the incredible support of our PTO. These hard-working parents are constantly working to provide our school with wonderful experiences. Their work helps to provide our school with enrichment and community building activities.

Enjoy looking through our website. I hope it will give you any information that you are looking for, along with a glimpse into our school community of active learners.

Mrs. Logoyke