Staff Directory

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Principal Lynn Logoyke
Secretary (860) 793-3280 Chiara Ramos
Office Paraprofessional Michele Fischer-Paul
Support Staff
Nurse (860) 793-3283 Cindy Ross

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Ms. Alexandra Chmielecki
Mrs. Jessica Ouellette
Mrs. Kim Cartnick

1st Grade
Mrs. Daria Sargent
Ms. Allison Pascucci
Ms. Betsy Neave
Miss Juliana Veronesi
Mrs. Sandy Hamm
Mrs. Valerie Provost
Mrs. Wendy Bender
3rd Grade
Mr. Edward Pitcher-Draghi
Mrs. Debra Camp  
Mrs. Ann Carnevale
4th Grade
Mrs. Diane Lebel
Mrs. Allyson Parker
5th Grade
Mrs. Susan Fabrizio
Mrs. Brie Morrone
Miss Jill Limberger
Mr. Michael Zaba
Mr. Michael Boncimino
Librarian Mrs. Debra Pikiell
Music Mr. Greg Wilfrid
Occupational Therapy Ms. Brita Mortensen
Physical Education Mr. Rob Silliman
Physical Therapy Ms. Sheryl Hart
Literacy Resource Teacher Mrs. Claire Fournier
Literacy Resource TeacherMs. Michelle
Resource Room Mrs. Gail Osland
Resource Room Mrs. Sherri Estrellado
School Psychologist Ms. Karen Mitchell
Social WorkerMrs. Julie
Speech/Language Ms. Marisa Michetti
Speech/LanguageMs. Ellen Nichols
STARS Literacy InstructorMs. Madeleine
STARS Literacy InstructorMs. Christine
STARS TutorMs. Jennifer
STARS TutorMs. Jackie
Math Tutor        Mrs. Michelle
Math Tutor Mr. Adam
Math Tutor            Mrs. Ann Walling