Toffolon Celebrates “Tidy Tigers” With New Award Program
Posted on 10/29/2018
Mr. Greg Masse with  Jill Limberger's fifth grade first week winning classLouis Toffolon Elementary School is shining a little brighter this year thanks to the new “Tidy Tigers Award” program designed by Toffolon Custodian, Greg Masse.

 Earlier this year, Masse, a second shift custodian at Toffolon, wanted to recognize students who were making an extra effort to keep their classrooms “tidy” each day. He began leaving a note of thanks and acknowledgement on the boards in classes that were going the extra mile to pick up their rooms. “When I would come into work each afternoon at the end of the school day, and began making my rounds, I noticed that the students at Toffolon were really doing a great job  keeping their classrooms neat, and wanted to acknowledge their efforts, and let them know that I appreciated what they were doing,”  explained Masse. “I decided to leave a short note of thanks and appreciation for their efforts on the classroom board at night so that they would see the note the following morning. When the teachers and students saw the notes, it put a smile on their face and highlighted the pride that they take in their classrooms.” Thinking about how he might be able to expand this “recognition” for classrooms beyond the thank you notes, Masse created the “Tidy Tigers Award” program and shared the idea with Principal Lynn Logoyke, who fully endorsed the initiative.  Masse then designed a “Tidy Tiger Award” welcome mat and had two made for the school. Now, each week during the school year, Masse and fellow Toffolon custodian Miguel Velazquez, pick a classroom on each of the school’s two floors to receive the welcome mat “award” for the week. The mat is placed outside each winning classroom’s door on Friday evening, and when the students and teachers arrive on the following Monday morning, they check to see if they have won the “award” which they keep in front of their classroom door for the week. The award winners are announced each week by Principal Logoyke. The first award winners of the school year were Jill Limberger’s fifth grade class and Jessica Oullette’s kindergarten class.

 “Tidy Tigers fits in perfectly with our school goals and is one more way for students to develop responsibility for themselves and their school, which we work on daily.  I appreciate the initiative that Mr. Masse has shown with bringing this to our school community,” said Principal Logoyke.

“This is a wonderful way to acknowledge our children for showing respect and responsibility for their school environment. Hats off to Mr. Masse for this innovative idea,” noted Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maureen Brummett.