Elementary Town-Wide Jazz Band performance in Hartford
Posted on 02/22/2018
Toffolon band performing in HartfordThe Plainville Elementary Town-Wide Jazz Band performed at the XL Center in Hartford, CT before a Hartford Wolf Pack game on January 27th. Ticket fundraiser proceeds surpassed $2000 from Plainville families, which will support Plainville elementary school programming, supplies, and activities for the rest of the school year. The Town-Wide Jazz Band consists of 45 fifth-graders from all three elementary schools who participate in the After School Program two days a week at the Louis Toffolon Elementary School. It is co-directed by Michael Boncimino (Elementary Band Director) and Greg Wilfrid (Toffolon Music Teacher and Choir Director). The Select Choir from Toffolon also performed the National Anthem at the same game. The Select Choir consists of 81 students from grades 3-5 at Toffolon who rehearse before school on Wednesday mornings with Mr. Wilfrid.