Toffolon Science Days Held
Posted on 12/27/2018
riverside reptiles brian kleinman with an amphibian Thanks to a generous grant from the Plainville Community Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation as well as additional funds that were raised by the Louis Toffolon Elementary School PTO, Toffolon held two Science Days during the school day (Monday, 12/17 for Grades 3 to 5 and Tuesday, 12/18 for PreK to Grade 2). All students participated in three separate science programs and did a hands-on science experiment. The student scientists all started the day with an assembly by the Connecticut Science Center's "Science in Motion" Traveling Program ("Rockin' Robots" for the older scientists and "Your Amazing Body" for the younger scientists). The children then broke into groups by grade level and traveled the Milky Way in a Planetarium dome by "What's out There" as well as having the opportunity to learn about (and touch!) many amazing reptiles and amphibians thanks to Riverside Reptiles. Math and Science Coordinator Phil Sanders guided the students in a hands-on science experiment that got them thinking about how density effects liquids.