Principal Alicia Atterrato [email protected]
Office Professional
Chiara Ramos [email protected]
Office Professional Caitlin Butkus [email protected]
Support Staff
Rachel Martin [email protected]
Daytime Custodian Miguel Velazquez
[email protected]


Miss Anastasia Dzikas [email protected]
Ms. Elsie Poile [email protected]
Mrs. Rachel Valentine [email protected]
Mrs. Alexandra Chmielecki [email protected]
Mrs. Norma Olson-Bartley [email protected]
Mrs. Jessica Ouellette [email protected]
1st Grade
Mr. Max Hampe [email protected]
Mrs. Rachel Miller [email protected]
Mrs. Daria Sargent [email protected]
Mrs. Courtney Caldwell [email protected]
Ms. Allison Pascucci [email protected]
Mrs. Valerie Provost [email protected]
3rd Grade
Miss Shayla Beausoleil [email protected]
Miss Carly Bemis [email protected]
Mr. Douglas Caneday [email protected]
Mrs. Ann Carnevale [email protected]
4th Grade
Mrs. Diane Lebel [email protected]
Mrs. Allyson Parker [email protected]
5th Grade
Mrs. Susan Fabrizio [email protected]
Miss Jill Limberger [email protected]
Mrs. Nicole Siegel [email protected]
Miss Amy West [email protected]
Art Mr. Michael Zaba [email protected]
Physical Education Mr. Rob Silliman [email protected]
Library Media Mrs. Kim Cartnick [email protected]
Music Mr. Greg Wilfrid [email protected]
Instrumental Music Mr. Michael Boncimino [email protected]
Resource Room Mrs. Liz Brachle [email protected]
Resource Room Mrs. Sheila DiMinno [email protected]
Resource Room Mrs. Danielle Phelan [email protected]
Resource Room Mrs. Kristin Prendergast prendergast[email protected]
Literacy Resource Teacher Mrs. Wendy Bender [email protected]
Literacy Resource Teacher Mrs. Michelle Steck [email protected]
Elementary Math & Science Instructional Leader  Mrs. Kirsten Penner [email protected]
Math & Science Resource Teacher Mrs. Jessica Cochrane [email protected] 
Math & Science Resource Teacher Miss Lea Maglio [email protected]
School Psychologist Miss Alexa Palasky [email protected]
School Social Worker Mrs. Jasmine Hamelin [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Mrs. Christie Chipelo [email protected]
Physical Therapy Ms. Sheryl Hart [email protected]
Speech & Language Pathologist Mrs. Yana Strevens [email protected]
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired Miss Leanne Ayotte [email protected]
Tutor Mrs. Jennifer Clark [email protected]
Tutor Mrs. Christine Fagan [email protected]
Tutor Mr. Adam Hayn [email protected]
Tutor Ms. Jackie Mazzamauro [email protected]
Tutor Mr. Milton Riveros [email protected]
Tutor Ms. Michelle Rogan [email protected]
Tutor Mrs. Kylie Sepko [email protected]
Tutor Mr. Rob Tanner [email protected]