About Louis Toffolon School 

Louis Toffolon School is located in the northwestern corner of Plainville.  The school was built and opened in 1966.  The school was closed for two and a half years while it was being completely renovated and reopened in January of 2009.  The school has 23 classrooms (PreK to grade 5) and special use rooms including a library media center, cafeteria, gymnasium with a stage, music room, art room, band room, tutoring rooms, special education rooms and speech rooms.  The school is staffed by certified staff, non-certified staff and support personnel and typically serves about 360 students.  The school also houses a town-wide pre-kindergarten class that is a part of Plainville Early Learning Center.  A very active Parent Teacher Organization supports the school as well.

Toffolon School is known for a positive learning environment that values empathy, kindness and the growth of every child. The daily motto here at Toffolon school, that can be heard each day on the morning announcements, of "be kind, be respectful and learn a lot is embedded in all we do.

As with all Plainville curricula, our curricula are reviewed on a five year cycle.  The classes use a Reading Workshop model (Teachers' College Reading and Writing Project Units of Study) and hands on, problem based math approach (Illustrative Math).  Instrumental music is available to students in grades four and five. 

Cultural arts events, field trips, community activities, family events and fund-raisers for non-profit agencies enrich the curricular offerings.  The DARE program, Student Council and Safety Patrol is also available to fifth graders.  Other notable activities from the past and present include: the Select Choir, Jazz Band, an art club, a fitness/running club, Curl Up and Read, Fall Fair, Prime Time Reading Night, and the Winter Extravaganza.

 The school follows a Positive Behavior Intervention Support Model.  Toffolon students follow the Toffolon ROARS which values respect, organization, active learning, responsibility and safety. Student also learn about the RULER approach to identifying their emotions and becoming their best self.

A SmartTV, projector and a sound system in each classroom allow for integration of technology into the daily curriculum.   Students have ample and daily access to the technology they need. All children in grades K-5 have their own chromebook. I-pads and desktops are also available.

About Mrs. Atterrato

Mrs. Alicia Atterrato became the principal of Toffolon school in 2021 after Mrs. Lynn Logoyke's retirement and 24 year tenure as principal. She believes that Toffolon School should be a place in which children and adults are inspired to be learners who exhibit kindness and empathy.  She believes in the importance of providing a safe and consistent environment for all children and one that provides learners plenty of opportunity to develop independence, pride, confidence and expertise.  She looks forward to continuing the positive, inclusive and proactive culture and climate that Toffolon school is well known for.  She sees Toffolon School as one that values high expectations and an environment that builds safety, trust and belonging for everyone.  

Mrs. Atterrato lives with her husband, and their two daughters, ages 9 and 11.  They enjoy spending time together outdoors playing, relaxing by the water, and traveling. Mrs. Atterrato's favorite hobby is reading, preferably outside while enjoying some coffee!